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As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission’s compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The references have to follow this guidelines:
    Sheibani K, Battifora H, Burke J. Antigenic phenotype of malignant mesotheliomas and pulmonary adenocarcinomas. Am J Pathol 1986; 123: 212-9.
    No dots after the initials of the name of the authors or in the name of the Journals. No italic or bold types. The year have to follow the name of the Journal.
  2. Authors should suggest, in the “REVIEWER SUGGESTION”, at least 2 names (with their email address and affiliation) of potential Reviewers. The suggested Reviewers must have no conflict of interest with the proposal research.
  4. The manuscript is written using Microsoft Word for Windows and papers have not already been published or submitted for publication elsewhere
  5. Papers must follow the instruction to Authors  in About the Journal
  6. The manuscript should contains the names and surnames of all authors and their affiliations, the e-mail address of the corresponding author, the title in english of the article, the abstract in english and at least 3 key words in english, legends for figures and tables, tables and figures (only if prepared in Microsoft Word format). Figures prepared in jpeg/tiff format (or high resolution pdf) have been uploaded individually as supplementary files after uploading the manuscript.
  7. The submission form is filled in with the names and surnames of all authors, and not only of the corresponding author, using capital letters only for the first letter of authors’ names.

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The European Journal of Oncology (Eur. J. Oncol.) publishes Original Articles, Commentaries, Review Articles, Case Reports of clinical and traslational oncology. The manuscript must be submitted using the journal web site:
For any information please refer to:
European Journal of Oncology – Publisher Editorial Office
Dr. Valeria Ceci – Mattioli 1885 srl
Strada di Lodesana 649/sx, Loc. Vaio – 43036 Fidenza (PR) – Italy
E-mail: – Fax: 0039-(0)524-82537

The Journal does not hold itself responsible for statements made by contributors or for loss or damage of mailed manuscripts. They should be ac-
companied by an undertaking that they are submitted to this Journal on-
ly. Papers must be submitted in English. Papers are accepted on the understanding that they may be subject to editorial revision.
All Original Articles are subject to review and authors are urged to be brief. Long papers with many tables and figures may require shortening
if they are to be accepted for publication. All manuscripts should include a total text word count and an abstract word count on the cover page. Total text word count does not include title page, figure legends, references, or tables. Only under exceptional circumstances will Original Articles longer than 5500 words be considered, and under no circumstances will abstracts greater than 250 words be published. Editorials and Reviews are
normally invited contributions but suitable papers may be submitted to the Editor for consideration for this purpose. The presentation of Case Reports should be as short as possible. Letters to the Editor should not exceed 600 words of text, one figure or table and up to six references. Be-
cause space limitation, publication of submitted Letters will depend on priority rating.

TITLE PAGE must contain:
• a concise informative title
• author(s) names
• department or institution where work was done
• name and address of author to whom correspondence about the manuscript and request for reprints should be referred, as well as fax, E-mail and telephone number
• a running title of no more than 40 characters.

Be certain to list the FAX number and E-mail of the corresponding author on the title page. All correspondence will be by E-mail and web site only.

Manuscript should be typed in 12-point type and double spacing
should be used throughout. It should carry an abstract of not more than 250 words including 4 paragraphs labeled: Background and aim of the work, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. Below the abstract provide 3-
10 key words that will assist indexers in cross-indexing the article. Paragraphs to be set in a smaller type should be marked with an “s” (small) in the left hand margin. Avoid footnotes; when essential they are numbered consecutively and typed at the foot of the appropriate page.

ILLUSTRATIONS. It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain permis-sion (from the author and copyright holder) to reproduce illustrations, tables, etc. from other publications. Photographs and graphics should
be sent as high resolution files: not less than 300 d.p.i. and with a base
of the same size as a column of the Journal (8 cm). A letter of permis-
sion must accompany all photographs when there is a possibility of identification. Authors will pay for colour illustrations. Present rate for a full page colour illustration is about $ 600-1200. Final quotation will be given by the publisher. Legends should be typed on the “word” file
of the manuscripts.

TABLES should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. Type each table on a separate document, together with a brief caption. We do not welcome large tables of unanalysed data.

REFERENCES should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they appear in the text. References cited only in tables or in legends to fig-
ures should be numbered in accordance with the sequence established by the first identification in the text. The list of references should be typed in numerical order and indicate: authors’ names (all authors when six or less; when seven or more list only the first three and add “et al.”); article title, name of the Journal (abbreviated as in Index Medicus), publication year, volume and first and last page numbers. Example:
Rizzato G, Marazzini L. Thoracoabdominal mechanics in elderly men. J Appl Physiol 1970; 28: 457-60.
If the reference is concerning a book, give authors’ names, full title, name and address of publisher and publication year. Personal communications should not be included in the references, but may be cited in the text in parentheses.

GALLEY PROOF. Unless indicated otherwise, galley proofs are sent to the first author and should be returned without delay. Alterations to galley proofs, other than those due to printer’s error, are charged to the author. Accepted and rejected manuscripts are retained for six months after publication or rejection, then destroyed.

REPRINTS. Reprints are available at cost if they are ordered when the proof is returned. Order form and a price list are sent at request of the Au-
thor; payment must be made with the order.

Copyright. All Journal articles from 2019 onwards are published with open access under the CC-BY Creative Commons attribution license (the current version is CC-BY, NC SA 3.0 This means that the author(s) retain copyright, but the content is free to download, distribute and adapt for non-commercial purposes, given appropriate attribution to the original article. The articles in the previous edition of the Journal (European Journal of Oncology) are made available online with open access under the CC-BY Creative Commons attribution license (the current version is CC-BY, NC SA version 3.0 ( Upon submission, author(s) grant the Journal the license to publish their original unpublished work, within one year, and the non exclusive right to display, store, copy and reuse the content. The CC-BY Creative Commons attribution license enables anyone to use the publication freely, given appropriate attribution to the author(s) and citing the Journal as the original publisher. The CC-BY Creative Commons attribution license does not apply to third-party materials that display a copyright notice to prohibit copying. Unless the third-party content is also subject to a CC-BY Creative Commons attribution license, or an equally permissive license, the author(s) must comply with any third-party copyright notices. The publisher retains the commercial rights on printed copies on request. Reproductions with commercial intent will require written permission and payment of royalties.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. We thank the European Foundation for Cancer Research, Environmental and Occupational Diseases “Ruberti-Schileo” for the generous support.

Autorizzazione del Tribunale di Parma n° 14/97 del 11/6/1997
ISSN 1128-6598

European Journal of Oncology

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Founded by: Leonardo Caldarola, Cesare Maltoni

European Journal of Oncology publishes contributions in the various areas of oncology: biology, epidemiology, pathology and clinical medicine.

Language: English
Frequency: 4 issues/year
Format: 20 x 27 cm
ISSN: 1122-0279

European Journal of Oncology is indexed in: Scopus.

Rivista fondata nel 1997 da Leonardo Caldarola e Cesare Maltoni come organo ufficiale della Società Italiana Tumori (SIT), con l’obiettivo di dedicarsi alla formazione ed aggiornamento degli oncologi italiani su temi di interesse specialistico. La rivista pubblica contributi nei vari settori dell’oncologia: biologia, epidemiologia, patologia e clinica. Viene inviata agli iscritti alla SIT, alle biblioteche universitarie ed ai principali centri di ricerca italiani e stranieri.


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